tirsdag 31. mars 2009

JLH lettering

One of the designs I made for Johnny Leave Home, Norwegian clothing brand

Coffee & Collab

A little collab-sketch with the almighty Henrik Wold

mandag 30. mars 2009


Some sketches loosely based on reference pics.

lørdag 28. mars 2009

Actually happy man


fredag 27. mars 2009

More of the good stuff

I wish I had this many brains

tirsdag 24. mars 2009

Float On


mandag 23. mars 2009

Point of known return

Point of randomness
Point of way to go to the head
Point of no jaw

fredag 20. mars 2009

Pink and yellow background

Looks better in person.

Like always, eh?

tirsdag 17. mars 2009

Another cat

Smaller this time around

torsdag 12. mars 2009

Rock the Cock

in a wooden cock rocket

tirsdag 10. mars 2009

El Relaxo

Tiger got nothing to worry about

torsdag 5. mars 2009

Get comfy

I've shown some custom typo done for slakkline.no earlier in this blog, and here you see it used on a so-called "hyggepiece", a comfy, full-body suit for relaxation.

Full Feet

Full-spread illustration for the same book as this piece: