torsdag 29. april 2010

Another sketch

Another sharpening of the colored pencil

onsdag 28. april 2010

Hulks need coffee too

They can't be all sleepy and green at the same time.

Triforce sketchbook

Detail of my ode to the Zelda series

tirsdag 27. april 2010

A zip of coffee

Unfinished personal illustration.

The Deathsticks are lurking

My contribution to the Drawgasmic show.

Acrylic paint and black ink on brown paper.

Last pic is a detail from the evelope.

onsdag 21. april 2010


A little preview of something I'm working on.

Old Man

Look at my life

mandag 19. april 2010

Don't do it

It's hella dangerous they believe.

fredag 16. april 2010

Allergy season

Once again …

torsdag 15. april 2010

Big fatty pointing downwards


mandag 5. april 2010

Two times crown